Sunday, 28 July 2013

Love of art

There is so many colors, red, blue, yellow, purple, green, white and there is so many name that I couldn't tell you. Blue, the color he love the most. Red, his heart. We met, from drawing that we drew a months ago. Yet, we still remember how we used to know each other. From black and white, until we made the color. Day by day red changed to pink, blue changed to ultramarine, purple change to violet, and white changed to titanium. As he changed to be a very charming guy. 

Love that we create, is always be on my canvas, the colors, mix with love. It will be my precious artwork. 


We start from nothing, came from many places, we don’t know each other. But the art, have mix us. With the colour of the wind. We fight. We smile. Sometimes argue. But in the end, we will fight together to win. We are going to achieve it. The title artist, will be our name. One day.